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We are delighted to announce the Department for Education has awarded Durham Sixth Form Centre funding to provide additional capacity for post-16 learners in County Durham. 


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Term Dates

School holidays for the 2021/22 academic year

HolidayClosing dateDate re-opens
Summer 2021Wednesday 1 September 2021~
Autumn half-term 2021Friday 22 October 2021Monday 1 November 2021
Christmas 2021Friday 17 December 2021Tuesday 4 January 2022
Spring half-term 2022Friday 18 February 2022Monday 28 February 2022
Easter 2022Friday 8 April 2022Monday 25 April 2022
May Day 2022Friday 29 April 2022Tuesday 3 May 2022
Summer half-term 2022Friday 27 May 2022Monday 6 June 2022
Summer 2022Wednesday 20th July*Monday 5 September 2022

~Start of academic year:

Year 12 students will attend Durham Sixth Form Centre from Thursday 2nd September.

Year 13 students lessons will start on Monday 6th September.

*End of academic year:

Year 12 lessons will conclude on Friday 15th July. This is to allow us the time in the final week of term to re-enrol our Y12 students into Y13. Students must be available for a one-to-one enrolment appointment across the course of this week. 

Please note: The following days are utilised for in-service training activities:

  • Friday 26th November 2021
  • Monday 29th November 2021
  • Tuesday 4th January 2022
  • Friday 24th June 2022
  • Monday 27th June 2022

For more information, visit:

School holidays for the 2022/23 academic year

HolidayClosing dateDate re-opens
Summer 2022Thursday 21 July 2022Monday 5 September 2022
Autumn half-term 2022Friday 21 October 2022Monday 31 October 2022
Christmas 2022Tuesday 20 December 2022Wednesday 4 January 2023
Spring half-term 2023Friday 17 February 2023Monday 27 February 2023
Easter 2023Friday 31 March 2023Monday 17 April 2023
May Day 2023Friday 28 April 2023Tuesday 2 May 2023
Summer half-term 2023Friday 26 May 2023Monday 5 June 2023
Summer 2023Friday 21 July 2023Monday 4 September 2023