Results Day

Year 13 Results

Yet another extraordinary year of results for students both national and at Durham Sixth Form Centre. Two-thirds of all A-Level entries awarded at grades A*- B. Students have gained on average a Distinction/Distinction* in vocational courses. Well done!

Train to Teach

Train to teach in an outstanding post-16 school...

We run a school-based PCET course, in association with the University of Sunderland, and are recruiting for September.


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Produced by former student Nathan Clark,
Director of Canvas HQ...

Year 11 Taster Day

Year 11 Taster Day

Year 11 Taster day takes place on Thursday 18th July and Friday 19th July 8:30am - 1:00pm. Click here to book your space.

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Student Finance

Student Funding

16-19 BURSARY FUND – Means Tested

  • Available to all students studying at Durham Sixth Form Centre up to the age of 19.
  • Bursaries are to be used to help overcome financial barriers to the participation in education.
  • All bursaries are paid directly into a students bank account.

Available Bursaries:

1 – Guaranteed £1200 Bursary
Available to students who are in care; care leavers; those in receipt of income support; and disabled young people in receipt of both Employment Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance. Benefits must be in their own name.  Students who are carers themselves do not qualify for this Bursary.

2 – Discretionary FSM Bursary
Available to students who are eligible for Free School Meals.  Students are entitled in addition to the bursary to take meals up to the value of £2.50 in the DSFCafe.  There are no cash alternatives.

3 – Discretionary In-Kind Bursary  
(Transport and other course related costs) – available to students whose Total Taxable Family Income is less than

  • £28,500 per annum for families in receipt of Child Benefit for one child.
  • £30,000 per annum for families in receipt of Child Benefit for more than one child.
  • £31,500 per annum for families in receipt of Child Benefit for two or more children attending Durham Sixth Form Centre at the same time.

4 – Discretionary Top-Up Bursary
Available to students whose Total Taxable Family Income is less than £30,000 irrespective of the number of dependents.  Students who are in receipt of Discretionary Bursaries may also apply.  Top-Up Bursaries are for specific identifiable expenditure incurred whilst at the Sixth Form Centre.

Please note: Due to the restriction on funding available, applications for Bursaries 1 to 3 will take a priority.  Students who fall outside the criteria of receiving a Discretionary In-Kind Bursary but whose total taxable family income is less than £30,000 will be considered subject to available funds available.  Further Top-Up funds will only be offered to students in receipt of a discretionary bursary if there are sufficient funds available after all other applications. 

Priority will be given to applications from students who, without extra finance, would find it difficult to continue with post-16 education.  Students will therefore need to demonstrate the reason for support and should attempt to access all other available funding sources prior to being eligible for 16-19 bursaries.  In general students must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Students who are homeless, in care recently left care, on probation, young parents or others considered “at risk” or those who are supervised by a Youth Offending Team.
  • Students who are ‘care leavers’ (previously classed as ‘looked after children’).
  • Be economically disadvantaged (families on benefit or low income) i.e. Students eligible to receive free school meals.
  • Able to demonstrate financial hardship i.e. Total Taxable Family Income is less than the thresholds previously described.

Appropriate Evidence confirming eligibility:

  • Benefits received – copy of the benefit award letter from HM Revenue & Customs and/or taxable social security benefits from the Job Centre or Social Security Office (all pages to the documents are required) and/or Universal Credit for the previous financial year. Letters appertaining to previous years cannot be accepted.
  • Evidence of Employment – copy of P60 issued in the previous financial year OR 3 most recent payslips.  If self-employed a copy of your SA302 form or Tax Credit Award or Accountants letter on headed paper.

Students who are awarded a Bursary will be expected to meet certain conditions relating to Attendance, Behaviour and completion of the examination year.  Students who fail to meet the expected standards may only be paid a percentage of their award or even have their payment withheld until their performance meets expectations.  Any student who leaves Durham Sixth Form Centre before the end of the examination year will forfeit any remaining unpaid bursary and may be asked to repay any unspent bursary.

Payment will be made by BACs to the students’ own bank account as shown below:

Bursary TypeMileage where applicableBursary valuePayment Terms
Guaranteed £1,200 
Free School Meal £765 
In-Kind Zone 10.00-2.99£420 
In-Kind Zone 23.00-4.99£510November
In-Kind Zone 35.00-9.99£540January
In-Kind Zone 410.00 +£600June
Top-Up Up to £250April

Discretionary In-Kind Bursaries
In-Kind Bursaries are paid in relation to the distance travelled by the student from their registered home address to the Centre.  Mileage is calculated using AARoutePlanner.

All students have the right to appeal against any decision made in respect to a bursary award or non-award of a bursary.  Copies of the appeal process can be obtained on request.

Download Application Form for the 16-19 Bursary Fund.

Download Guidance Notes for the 16-19 Bursary Fund.

Download Free School Meal Verification Check

Please note: Due to the restriction on funding available, students who are potentially eligible for more than one bursary will only be awarded the bursary of the highest eligible value. 

FULL details on the current eligibility, terms and conditions in respect of 16-19 Bursaries are available in the 16-19 Bursary Policy & Guidance Notes which are subject to any changes the Education Funding Agency may make prior to the start of the Academic Year.

Completed documentation should be sent to:

Student Finance Officer
Durham Sixth Form Centre
Providence Row
The Sands

If you have any queries about our bursaries, please contact the Finance team, on (0191) 3830708.

For additional information about Education Grants that you may be eligible for, please click here.

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