The Aspire Programme

What is the Aspire Programme? 

The Aspire Programme brings together a diverse offer of experiences and activities to ensure that all academically talented students are given every opportunity to excel in whichever area they choose. We encourage students to set their sights as high as they can and strive to reach their full potential. 

What makes an Aspire Student? 

Students are selected for the Aspire Programme if they are studying 3 or more A-level qualifications (regardless of subject) and achieve a minimum of two A grades at key assessment points within the year. In addition, students can opt into the Aspire Programme if they intend to make applications to Oxbridge or to study medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine at university. 

Who runs the Aspire Programme?  

The Aspire Programme is led by a dedicated team of specialists, each with expert knowledge and a wealth of experience in their area. Mrs Packer, Assistant Headteacher, oversees the whole programme and ensures students are able to access as many opportunities as possible. 

What is AspireExtra?  

Mr Miller, Aspirations Lead, runs AspireExtra, a programme of extra-curricular sessions aimed to increase confidence, develop critical thinking and higher level transferable skills, perfect public speaking and interview techniques and work towards the applications and admissions processes which begin in the summer term of Year 12.

Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Medicine?

We have our own specialist Careers, Progression and Aspirations Team member who works closely with students aspiring to study medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine at university and has extensive knowledge of the application and assessment process, alternative pathways and academic and vocational opportunities available.

We have extensive experience of supporting our students through the different medicine routes and are proud of their success stories over the past few years.

Medicine Success:

Every year we have excellent success with students applying to medicine, with many achieving more than one individual interview and securing 3 or 4 offers to a variety of universities across the country. In the previous two years, 8 students have commenced medical school at Newcastle University with others attending Hull York, Keele and Liverpool as examples. Students are supported with advice and guidance through a specialised NextGen programme which involves conference and workshops by Sunderland and Newcastle university medical schools, past students, GP’s and admission tutors whilst being supported by a specialist member of the Careers, Progression and Aspiration Team. 

Veterinary Success:

In veterinary science, Ellie was successful in gaining a place on the Royal Veterinary Colleges 6 year gateway degree and  has worked with current students to pass on her knowledge and experience.

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