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What can parents do to support student learning?

You may feel that your son / daughter has enough to do - perhaps even too much - but if you are aware that there is time available which could be better used, these tips might help you guide them in the right direction. A Levels and BTECs all require work to be completed at home, such as revision, coursework or homework tasks.

Look at the Google Classroom

Most, if not all, subjects will have a Google Classroom. This is an online group that a subject teacher will have invited the student to join. It operates like Facebook, with a stream of important updates, notifications on key and recent activity, and important dates. Homework tasks will usually be set in Google Classroom and in addition deadlines and upcoming exam dates can be found here. We encourage students to check it daily and would appreciate your support. There is an app that they can get on their smartphone to facilitate this. Many students can also access tasks and complete them on their smartphone or tablet if appropriate.

Look at the Google Site

Several subjects, department or faculties will have a Google Site. This operates like a small website for the subject and will house lesson resources, reading lists, past exam papers, videos, images and PDFs relevant to the subject. It is a place to go for missed content, or to aid revision.

A list of all the Google Sites available can be accessed from the sidebar of the school’s website, or at this address.

Encourage students to follow the Subject Specific Twitter accounts

Some subjects, Media and Criminology in particular, also use Twitter to support the above, and students should be encouraged to engage with the articles being shared.



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What can parents do to support student learning?

To access a full list of all department VLEs, including Google Classrooms, Google Sites & Twitter accounts, please click here.

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