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August 2018 – Congratulations to our students on yet another year of record-breaking results!

I am delighted to report that students at Durham Sixth Form Centre are celebrating success today following the publication of A-Level results, marking yet another year of excellent academic and personal achievements.

This includes a 100% A-level pass rate, which is higher than previous national averages, with the best three A-levels expressed as a grade B, and well-over half of students achieving a grade A*-B. 

Vocational results are also strong with 87% of students achieving Distinction*-Distinction grades, which is, on average, a Distinction+ grade, in the newly reformed qualifications.

Every year, I continue to be inspired by the hard work and dedication of our students. I am pleased that this hard work has been rewarded with such fantastic academic success, which has allowed students to take up their places at university, including some of the top universities, on prestigious school leaver programmes or on higher-level apprenticeships.

These results, coupled with our outstanding grading from Ofsted, demonstrate that the school is continuously providing high-quality education to students in the region and, more importantly, that students feel challenged and supported to achieve their very best.

Amongst the many Durham Sixth Form Centre students celebrating outstanding A-Level and vocational results today are:

  • Declan Ballan (previous school: Greenfield Community College) who has achieved four A* grades in Law, Sociology, Psychology and Criminology.
  • Freya Wilson (previous school: Tanfield School) who has secured three A* grades in Graphics, Literature and Psychology, and two A grades in Business and the Extended Project Qualification.
  • Caitlin Edwards (previous school: All Saints Academy, Cheltenham) who has secured four A* grades in Classics, the Extended Project Qualification, Law and Politics.
  • Ethan Whiting (previous school: St Bede’s, Peterlee) who has achieved an A* grade in Maths and three A grades in Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics.
  • Humphrey Stride (previous school: Whitworth Park) who has secured an A* in Literature, three A grades in Classics, Maths and the Extended Project Qualification and a grade B in Computer Science.
  • Lucas Priest (previous school: St Leonard’s) who has achieved three A grades in Graphics, Film Studies and Media Studies.
  • Kieran Rose (previous school: Fyndoune Community College) who has achieved an A* in Criminology and three Distinction* in Applied Law, Business and IT.
  • Rio Jones (previous school: Venerable Bede) who has secured three Distinction* grades in the Extended Diploma in Sport.
  • Chloe Pirt (previous school: Tanfield School) who has achieved a Distinction* in Applied Law and three A grades in Creative Writing, the Extended Project Qualification and Psychology.

Once again, well done and congratulations to all of our students for their hard work and effort.  We wish you every success for your future.

Durham Sixth Form Centre Headteacher, Ellen Beveridge.

Durham Sixth Form Centre Headteacher, Ellen Beveridge.

Durham Sixth Form Centre Headteacher, Ellen Beveridge.

Ellen Beveridge


Results 2016/17...

Our students have an excellent record of success, which they work hard to achieve. In our most recent Ofsted Report, outcomes for students were described as ‘outstanding’ with results that are above the national average. A summary of the 2017 results can be found below:

  • Our A level results are above the national average and in the top 15% of all schools and colleges in England. 
  • Students’ grades and points for A level are above both the County Durham average and national average. 
  • Students’ points and grades for their best 3 A levels are also above the national average.
  • Our Applied General results (broad vocational qualifications) are above the national average and in the top quarter of schools in England.
  • Students’ grades and points for Applied General are well above the County Durham average and national average.
  • Our Tech Level (occupational qualifications) grades and points are well above the County Durham average and national average. 

Durham Sixth Form Centre Headteacher, Ellen Beveridge.

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Performance Tables 2016/17

Progress and Average Grades

DSFC Progress

DSFC Progress Score

DSFC APS and Average Grade

County Durham state-funded schools/colleges

England all schools schools/colleges

A level

Above Average






Above Average





Applied General

Above Average





Completion and Attainment Score

DSFC Average Result/Points

County Durham state-funded schools / colleges

England all schools schools / colleges

Tech Level

DSFC: 0.59, LA: 0.09, NA: 0





  • A level figures are based on students who entered at least one A level or AS level. A levels are available in a wide range of subjects, including English, maths, sciences, languages and humanities.
  • Academic qualifications include A levels but also other ‘level 3’ academic qualifications such EPQ and Mathematical Studies. These figures are based on students who were entered for at least one academic qualification that takes the same amount of time to study as an AS level or above.
  • Applied general are qualifications that provide broad study of a vocational area. They are designed to lead to higher education and they include areas such as performing arts, business and health and social care. These figures are based on students who were entered for at least one applied general qualification.
  • Tech levels are level 3 qualifications for students wishing to develop the specialist skills and knowledge for a technical occupation or industry. They lead to recognised occupations. At Durham Sixth Form Centre, these include Law and Creative Media Production.

English and Maths (Level 2)

These scores show how much progress students at this school made in English and maths qualifications in GCSE re-takes only, between the end of key stage 4 and the end of the 16-18 phase. A positive score means that, on average, students got higher grades at 16 to 18 than at key stage 4. A negative score means that, on average, students got lower grades than at key stage 4. Students are included in these measures if they did not achieve a grade C or higher in their GCSE or equivalent by the end of key stage 4 in English or maths.

No. of students


Local authority state-funded schools/ colleges

England all schools/ colleges












This is the proportion of students who get to the end of the main programme of study that they enrolled on.


Number enrolled


Local authority average

England average

A level










Applied General





Tech Level





Destinations: Students staying in education or employment for at least 2 terms after 16 to 18 (level 3) study

Students finishing 16 to 18 study who either stayed in education or went into employment from October to March the following year. The data published in January 2018 is for students who finished level 3 (A levels or other level 3 qualifications) 16 to 18 study in 2015, which is the most recent data currently available:

No. of students




Local authority average


England average





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